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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aker AK-38 info

The Aker AK-38 (MR-AK38) is one of the best small amps, as far as portable, easy-to-carry amps are concerned.  I like mine!

Here is a bit of info, just for reference:

They run around $65-$90 new, available on Amazon, or via some eBay sellers.
Manufacturer's link is here.
Manual (pdf) is here.

The battery isn't a typical battery -- but you can buy a replacement here (price as of this writing, $15).  It looks like this:

You can also buy other accessories by going here, including:
I've even seen a RED one from one eBay seller.

A few other articles / reviews:

A few videos about the AK-38:
  • a short review of the AK-38
  • a video showing several being used, including using a "Y" cable to hook 1 microphone to 2 AK-38s, which worked great

This little "article" has lots of links.  In the future, some of them may become dead links.  (Sorry 'bout that.)  But hopefully, this will give you some useful info, some ideas, and encourage you to consider this little amp.  And if you're a proclaimer of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ, get one, and use it to the glory of God.

(Are you forgiven?)

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