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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The very term baffles me.  Pro-choice.  Whose choice?  The right choice?

Not all choices are good choices.  The taking of an innocent human life is not a good choice, not a moral choice, not an acceptable choice.

To make a choice of death for another person, especially without that person's input, is unthinkable (unless that person has been duly convicted of a capital crime).

Why not use the more descriptive term?  "Pro-death".  That's more realistic.  Or "anti-life".  Or "person who is in favor of killing babies".  Offended?  Well, at least you're alive to be offended.  Tens of millions of victims of "pro-choice" policy aren't alive to be offended. 

Everyone who is "pro-choice" is still alive.

Please see my other blog post: "The Sin of Abortion".  Also, great video: 180 movie.


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