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Saturday, June 5, 2010

the naked majesty of the Gospel

While reading good books by current authors is certainly worthwhile, we err if we neglect our forefathers in the faith.  God taught them some things, and we would do well to listen (read) and learn.  One of the great ones, of course, is Charles H. Spurgeon.  Here is a gem from one of his sermons -- particularly appropriate after attending the T4G conference recently.

“Many good people think that they ought to guard the Gospel, but it is never so safe as when it stands out in its own naked majesty.  It needs no covering from us.

When we protect it with provisos, guard it with exceptions and qualify it with observations, it is like David in Saul’s armor—it is hampered and hindered and you may even hear it cry, ‘I cannot go with these.’

Let the Gospel alone and it will save!  Qualify it and the salt has lost its savor.”
—Charles Spurgeon, “The Dying Thief in a New Light” (sermon on Luke 23:40-42, preached on August 23, 1885)

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