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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Entertained by Sin?

Our culture is a culture of entertainment. We may rightly call it an idol that is worshipped by many. If that is hard to believe, we only need look at one TV show -- aptly entitled "American Idol". Or just take a careful glance at the magazines sold at major retailers near the checkout lines. Do they feature leading scientists, business leaders, or teachers? No, they feature (usually female) celebrities. Entertainers. People who make movies and music and TV shows.

Entertainment is not a wrong thing, but it is way out of balance in our country. Not only does it have way too much preeminence, it so often is marked by godlessness. Even if one finds an acceptable TV program to watch, the commercials are often inappropriate.

So now we must ask the question -- are you being entertained by sin? Is the Lord pleased with what you watch? Would you be embarrassed if asked to list the last five movies you saw?

We shouldn't let MPAA movie ratings be our sole guide, but they can be helpful. With only rare potential exceptions, what business does the Christian have in watching an "R" rated film? Taking one step down, what about PG-13? It may be possible that some PG-13 movies are acceptable, but much caution should be exercised. Profanity is often a problem. It is increasingly rare for such films to not take the name of the Lord in vain. Filthy talk and sensual behavior is commonplace. Are we to be entertained by blasphemy or immodesty or fornication?

Even PG movies can have the same issues, though to a lesser degree. It should not be assumed that PG movies are acceptable. Some are, some certainly are not.

Parents -- set high standards for yourself, and for your children. Honoring and glorifying God in our entertainment should be the goal. If you have failed in this area, then turn from low standards (repent), and ask the Lord to help you make this an area of your life that is pleasing to him.


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